The Beast Of Insecurity

Posted on February 18th, 2011

Insecurity where you least expect it

Insecurity can be found in the most unexpected of places. It often rears its ugly head when least expected.  Especially if you are dating or in a new relationship. But following this relationships advice may help. You may see a man who feels the need to belittle his father, brother or son in order to make him feel bigger. Likewise you may come across a woman who will belittle her mother, sister or daughter in order to feel more valued. Most people feel their insecurities and will attempt to find ways in order to over come them. You may come across a man who belittles his brother because he can not find a woman of his own, meanwhile the man is busy talking to someone else’s wife. In actual fact insecurity will rear in places where you least expect it

Dealing With Insecurity

It is often best to deal with insecurity by brandishing your own security. Being confident in yourself is often the best line of defense. A person must fight to overcome life’s trials and feel secure in their own right.   Learn who you are and brandish this truth as your weapon. If someone feels the need to put you down, turn the other cheek. Recognize their behavior for what it is and leave it alone. Their demons are theirs alone. You cannot fight the good fight for them or you will be feeding into their thoughts. By putting you down they feel more important and when you emphasize this belief it is reinforced in them. Encourage a person to feel their own value, but recognize and ignore the slights for what they are.

Ignore The Insecurity

Showing no response to the insecurity will often teach the person that you will not be affected by their behavior.  They may suffer from low self-esteem but you do not share the same problem. If someone genuinely approaches you for help with his or her low self-esteem and insecurities, then by all means do what you can to help. But if their way is to degrade and minimize you as an individual, do not encourage this behavior. Wether your own insecurity or someone else’s,  fight or flight. You can choose to deal with the insecurity and low self-esteem or Ignore it.

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