Stop Giving Away Your Milk For Free

Posted on February 22nd, 2011

In relationships why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free

In all relationships, and traditional relationship advice there is a very old expression that goes “Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free”.  Hello people, stop giving away your milk for free, no one will buy you.  If there is something out there that we want we tend to place a higher value on it if it costs us something.  The same goes for our relationships. Some people are just so anxious to prove their value that they give away everything they have for free in order to show someone else that they are worth it.  However, to the person you are proving your point – you have no value. Pay attention here people, to them you have no value. What you have to offer cost them nothing so you have no value.

If you want someone to value you as a person in relationships there has to be a price for them to pay

Nothing worth it is for free. Rightly so, this is the mentality of many people.  The same applies to relationships. If you are dating someone and he gets everything he wants without the flowers, chocolates or ring, then he will not give you flowers, chocolates or a ring. If a man, or woman, can satisfy their primal urges with no regards for consequences then that is exactly what they will do. As an individual it is your responsibility to know your value and hold others to it. If you believe you are worthy of dinners, flowers and all the romantic trappings, then do not relinquish what you have to offer until you receive them.

Only you know the value of your milk and other assets in relationships

Only you know your true value, and it is your responsibility to teach your worth to others.  They will never know unless you let them know.  As far as others are concerned  you may hold the value of a one dollar bill. It is up to you to make them realize that your value has yet to be made in the form of currency. If you give them your milk for free you appear to be worth less than a dollar bill to them and they will treat you accordingly.  If, however, they are forced to spend one hundred dollars to get your milk then the value of your milk is much more worthy.  Please understand that we use currency as an expression only, a means of explaining in a way that most people will understand.  We by no means mean that you should place a dollar value on yourself.  What we mean is that you should determine what is most important for you in your relationships and ensure that your needs are met before you concern yourself with fulfilling someone else’s needs.

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