Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is the expressing of one’s emotions in the form of actual physical contact with another.  This includes behaviors such as kissing, holding hands and hugging to caressing and sexual intercourse.

For most couples in a healthy relationship, this is a vital part of their union but it is not the whole relationship.  Intellectual and emotional intimacy also play a part in the success of the relationship along with the physical intimacy.

If the physical intimacy for a couple is not fulfilling the needs of one or both partner’s, there will tend to be problems in many other areas of the relationship as well.  Unfortunately for a lot of couples the inability to satisfy each other physically results in a major crater in the relationship that ultimately results in a parting to the ways.  If more people took the time to better understand their partner sexually, and to help their partner to enjoy the sexual aspect of the relationship more they would find their union a strong force to be met with.

There are many barriers to obtaining a happy and content physical union. Fortunately they can be overcome with time and patience.  Listen to your partner and take the time to hear the things they say about what pleases (and displeases) them. 

Take your time with foreplay.  Exploring your partner’s body is an excellent way to discover some of the things they like.  Also remember if you take your time and do it right, the relationship can last a lifetime.

Have patience with your partner.  Never rush them into something they are uncomfortable with.  And likewise, never feel that you are obligate to do things that you are uncomfortable with.  This could also cause an issue with trust.

Make time for some romance, a glass of wine, some candles and a warm bath or massage are sure to get you both in the right mood for more physical intimacy.  

Be adventurous. Don’t be afraid to try new things.  Having fun is part of physical intimacy so feel free to bring some toys along, and explore with new positions.

Be spontaneous.  Who ever said physical intimacy could only occur at night, or only in the bedroom!  Surprise your partner wherever the mood strikes. 

Hey Guys, help out with the housework and do the dishes sometimes.  This will help your lady to feel less tired or stressed when the time is right.

Girls, Please DO NOT go to bed every night wearing a t-shirt and pajamas.  Remember, Men like their women to be women.  Give them something soft to hold onto.

Remember, a good relationship only happens after a lot of work. 

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