Relationship Tips

Relationship Tips, A Recipe For Success.

There are probably at least one hundred relationship tips that can be offered up for a great relationship, but I am going to try and keep this simple. Here I will offer what are in my opinion the most relevant relationship tips for success. So here they are listed, from the most important on down.

Communication. Without this you have nothing. Keeping the lines of communication open is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is the most vital. If you cannot openly talk to your soul mate there is a serious problem. Both parties to a relationship must be able to talk about their thoughts and feelings. This is often a practiced art, but it is important that you do it. By the same token, you must be able to really listen when your partner is talking to you. Hear what they are saying and heed what you hear.

Honesty comes next. A relationship based on lies and fabrications is no relationship. Trust is an imperative aspect to any relationship. Getting caught in a lie will destroy any trust that has been established. Also, keeping up the pretense of one lie often requires several more and after a time it becomes difficult to remember. Ask yourself if it is worth loosing your partner because of this lie.

Friendship is vital. Your partner should also be your best friend. A deep emotional and physical intimacy helps establish a friendship that can endure the test of time. Share everything with each other, Good times and bad. Keep the spontaneity alive to prevent boredom from setting in. Occasionally surprise your partner. If you keep them interested at home there will be no need for them to wander.

Sex is on my list of relationship tips. Keep it interesting. If you go to bed every night in a t-shirt and long –johns pretty soon your partner will stop feeling it. A chaste kiss and “Good night” will become the norm. Also, you can take the sex out of the bedroom sometimes. Be impulsive. There are no rules to dictate when you can or cannot get your freak on so go for it.

Commitment to the relationship will help it survive. Good times are coming and so are bad times. Be committed to your relationship. In this day and age people tend to be so quick to say “This is not working” and walk away. But then you only have to start again. Sometimes the devil you know is really the better one.

Try to remember that no one is perfect, including you. Accept your partner for all their faults. They will have faults and so will you. Heed these relationship tips and you will stand a chance for success.

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