Men Cheat Because?

Posted on August 19th, 2009

So we have established that men cheat.  No surprises there, infidelity in relationships is the number one cause of failure.  But why do men cheat?  Men cheat because they can.  When I first read this phrase I was a little put out.  Who said you can?  Definitely not me.  So where do men get this idea from.

Well if I am to be honest, I think men get this idea from women.  If a women does not make it clear to her man that this will not be tolerated, he will cheat.  If he believes for one minute that he can cheat and will get away with it, he will cheat.  If he has cheated in the past and been forgiven, he will likely cheat again.  If a man believes that cheating will result in great loses to himself, he will at least think long and hard about what he is contemplating before he commits the deed.

It seems that men cheat for a variety of reasons.  So lets explore why men cheat.  Below is my list of the reasons that seem most prominent.

1. Men cheat because; They can.  They have the option of an unlimited number of women who are more than happy to help them in this quest.  And it seems little self control that tells them it is wrong.

2. Men cheat because; They have the blessings of their women.  They have cheated before and were forgiven, so they assume they will be forgiven again.  The sad part is they are typically right.  Forgive them once and you are more apt to forgive them again.

3. Men cheat because; It is an enormous boost to their ego.  I suppose cheating helps them to feel “manly”.  This applies particularly to the male enduring a mid-life crisis.  He needs to feel attractive and desired by other, usually younger, women.

4. Men cheat because; They have the cravings of an addict.  Sexual variety is a must for them, accumulating belt notches or some other such rubbish.  I guess they get tired of filet mignon every night and develope a craving for a big mac.

5. Men cheat because; They have become complacent.  What they have at home will always be at home.  They want the challenge.  Something new often means something exciting and unknown, therefore incredibly appealing.

6. Men cheat because; They are seeking revenge on a cheating partner.  Ladies must be prepared to get as good as they give.  People on the whole should remember you reap what you sow.

There are probably numerous other scenarios a man can find for his infidelity, but some where along the line they will typically fall into one of the above categories.  As the saying goes “To call a s— by any other name”.

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