Lucky In Love Or Making An Effort?

Posted on August 1st, 2009

Life can sometimes play serious games with us.  So why is it some people seem so lucky in love and others have to make an effort?  For example, who has ever left the house to make a quick run to the store in your house clothes only to turn a corner and bump straight into the most gorgeous person you have seen in a long time.  This person perhaps does not even see you or sees you and thinks OMG!  In this instance you either curl up and die, or you could question your Karma, or maybe you could learn the following lessons from my love advice.

For most people leaving the house in your best raggedy-ann ensemble is just not going to work.  When two people meet, the initial attraction is based soley on appearances.  There is nothing more to this than what each person looks like and if they find the other attractive.  This does not mean that you have to go to buy food in high heels or a three piece suit all the time, but you should be very conscious of how others will see you.  If you look like a street bum, your soul mate may just cross to the other side of the road.

It’s no secret that love tends to find us when we least expect it, so always try to be prepared.  Leave the hair curlers at home!  You also need to appear appropriate for the situation.  Going to the car wash in a ball gown is a little extreme.  But a cute pair of shorts and halter top can look pleasing to the male eye and fit the scene as well. Of course you may just be lucky in love and this does not apply.

On the other hand always try to be yourself.  A persons true self will always shine through eventually.  It makes no sense to try and be something you are not when you first meet someone.  After a few months the real you will emerge, so keep it real.

Just remember one thing, if your not lucky in love naturally, you have to make your own luck.  The key is to put the right you out there and be ready to meet the person you are seeking.

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