Lady Gaga’s New Love; Fact Or Fiction?

Posted on August 4th, 2019

I just cannot help myself. After the A Star is Born remake, much has been made of the chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. I am having such a hard time walking away from this without voicing an opinion. So here goes…..

As we all now know, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga starred together in the A Star is Born remake directed and produced by Bradley Cooper. The chemistry between the two in the movie was intense and magical causing many to speculate as to the true nature of their relationship…

I think it only fair that we point out that both Lady Gaga and Christian Carino and Bradley Cooper and long”ish” time Love Irina Shayk have since called it quits on their respective relationships, so for us the plot definitely thickened. Recently, Lady Gaga has been spotted kissing her audio engineer Dan Horton. However, for a Star who values her privacy, getting hot and heavy in a window seat of a restaurant sounds a bit too pat for me. Which leads me to ask…. Is this new relationship Fact or Fiction or do they just think we are stupid enough to buy it?

For me, this feels just a little too convenient. I mean, I get it; being considered a cheater and a home wrecker just may be the dynamic duo’s undoing. A lot is invested in their fandom and to cause disruption could potentially hurt their careers. All things considered, we wish Mr. Cooper and Ms. Germanotta a world of peace and happiness, but to treat us like we are stupid, can e forgive that? What do you think?

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