Why Men Cheat

7 Reasons why men cheat by men.

If you read my previous page on the causes of infidelity you may wonder about the difference between that and why men cheat.  But there is a big difference.  Causes of infidelity can range from peer pressure and jealousy to revenge and intentional infidelity.  But often men cheat without an underlying cause.  Here are some of the reasons they gave me.

The number one reason why men cheat is

Sexual variety is something that men seem to crave.  There is not necessarily any emotional connection involved, but men just seem to enjoy a variety of different partners.  I guess this is what they mean by variety is the spice of life.

The second top reason why men cheat is

Opportunity is available on a daily basis.  Men have no difficulty in finding willing partners.  This especially applies to professional men, whom women find so attractive because of their positions.

Additional reasons why men cheat are

Boredom gets them.  Routine and predictability is a huge reason why men cheat.  Sometimes women have to help them keep things interesting.  It would benefit the woman as much as the man. 

Differences in their wife or partner is a reason why men to cheat.  She is not the same as she used to be.  If a man couples with a five foot eight 120 lb beautiful wife who later gains 80 lbs of weight, stops taking care of herself and let’s her self change into someone different, this is reason enough for some men.  Please don’t misunderstand me, there are probably unlimited five feet eight two hundred pound women who are very beautiful, but this is not what he signed up for and it is definitely given as a reason why men cheat.

Nagging is another reason men will cheat.  If a woman persistently nags, men want to run from them instead of to them.

Temptation is another reason men cheat.  On a daily basis both men and women come into contact with members of the opposite sex.  Men can succumb to temptation easily.  As I have said before, this is not emotionally driven.  It’s about sex.

Under-appreciation is a major factor.  If men feel they are under appreciated they will seek appreciation elsewhere.  They like words of gratitude as much as women.

Hopefully I have set out the distinction between causes of infidelity and why men cheat.  In all of these examples of why men cheat there seems to be one prevalent fact that cannot be ignored.  It happens.  It seems to be a part of relationships that cannot be ignored.  However, women can do what they can to try and stave it off.  Keep your appearance looking good.  Pay your partner lots of attention.  Show love and affection regularly and hope for the best. After all men do not need any additional reasons to give for why men cheat.