Infidelity Signs

The Signs Of Infidelity

There are many infidelity signs that should get our antennae going, all we have to do is pay attention.  And yet, so many people are shocked when they discover their partner has not been faithful.  There initial response is to deny that infidelity has happened. 

Is this because they failed to see the signs or did they choose not to see them?  Let me explain this in more detail.  One of the biggest infidelity signs is a change in behavior.  As humans we develop ways of doing things that make them comfortable for us.  We have routines and patterns that we adhere to.

Most people will drive the same route to their work place every day.  Seldom do we deviate and try another way.  It takes a car accident or some other incident on the roads to make us deviate from our route.  And this applies to most everything we do.  We have certain days we wash the car, preferred days for going to the grocery store and even set days for doing laundry.

If you are in a relationship and your partners patterns or routes start to change pay attention.  This could be infidelity signs that you need to recognize.  There is most likely a reason for the change.  If for the past year they have arrived home from work at six thirty sharp and all of a sudden they start getting home at eight a few nights a week, pay attention. 

Likewise, if all of a sudden your partner starts planning weekends away with friends, ask yourself why. 

If sex becomes an after thought, seriously wonder why.  Especially if past history shows that it was a frequent necessity.  There is a reason, although this one does not necessarily indicate infidelity.  There could be a situation physically that is interfering with sexual habits.

If your partner stops answering your calls at a particular time, when they used to answer them at all times or starts running straight for the shower when they get home, when they used to eat dinner and relax a while first, these are infidelity signs that should not be ignored.

If your partner suddenly seems secretive or defensive when you mention infidelity pay attention.  Even if your partner becomes more attentive than usual, question why.  They could be over compensating.  Guilt about an affair could be causing them to consciously or subconsciously pay more attention to you. 

Every individual could display different infidelity signs so you have to pay attention.  All signs of infidelity will result in a change in pattern, a change in behavior.  It is not wise to jump to conclusion if one sign occurs, but pay attention.  If infidelity is involved you will more than likely see a few changes.