The Kiss of Death, Infidelity In Relationships.

What is infidelity?  Infidelity is a lack of loyalty in a relationship, a betrayal. This may sound extreme to some, but there are no other words I can think of to describe the magnitude of pain caused by this behavior.   Infidelity does not necessarily involve physical contact with someone other than your partner.  There is also such a thing as emotional infidelity.    Historically, men have been the cheaters in the relationship, but in recent years statistics are showing that more and more women are committing this cardinal sin of relationships.

Infidelity and Divorce

Althougch I do not think any published statistics on the record can be very accurate, I believe infidelity is the second largest cause of divorces today, beat only by financial stress.  Statistics are hard to come by in this situation because as the saying goes there are always three sides to a story, his, hers and the truth.  Two of the three could be wrong, all three could be right.  There are many reasons why people are unfaithful, and I will touch on a few of them in a future post, but the bottom line is the same, the act of cheating causes a break in trust and faith that is difficult at best, impossible at worst, to overcome.

I think omplacency is probably the number one reason people cheat.  Who has ever heard of the “seven-year itch”?  Lets face it, when you have shared your life, and your bed, with someone for seven years, the mystery is gone and there is the tendency to feel complacent about things.  We often get too caught up in the daily routine of life and do not make an effort to create romance or mystery in our relationship.  Things can become mundane.  Once we are comfortable in a relationship it is no longer our main focus.  Instead we focus on our careers, raising children, and building our retirement fund.  But relationships never stop needing our time and attention. 

Who is really to blame for the infidelity

There seems to be a major difference between the sexes regarding the notions behind unfaithfulness.  If a man cheats, it does not necessarily imply that he has a problem at home.  If a woman cheats there is usually a problem at home.   

Infidelity in relationships can cause feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.  If anyone reading this has found them selves on the receiving end of a cheating partner, please understand that the issue lies with the cheater.  Whatever the reasons behind their decision to commit this travesty they made that choice without giving you a chance to voice your thoughts or opinions.  In today’s society unfaithfulness in your relationship in no way implies that you are at fault, that you are inferior or that you are responsible. I lay all blame for infidelity on the cheater.