How To Get Your Ex Back And Keep Him For The Long Run

Posted on May 24th, 2010

Learn how to get your ex back with these simple steps

People often seek out relationship advice and ask specific questions about their relationship, the most popular of which is “How to get your ex back”. It stands to reason that if you are interested in how to get your ex back, that your ex was the one to end the relationship. On the surface, I wonder why you would want them back, but on a deeper level I completely understand the rationale behind wanting them back. So for those of you who have made the decision, read on for how to get your ex back, but keeping them is all on you.

Before You Work On How To Get Your Ex Back Decide If You Really Want Them Back.

To set the stage, your new ex has just ended your relationship. The foremost important thing for you to do is analyze why. There is a reason that they did not want to move forward with you and it helps to understand what that reason is. It is important you try to be rational and objective with your analysis. When someone is ending a relationship they do not always give the real reason why they want to end it, they try to spare the feelings of the other person or just simply want to make the process easier for themselves to do. For this reason it is important that you spend a little time trying to discern what lies beneath the surface. Once you understand this consider if it is something that you can change. If it is, change it and read on to learn how to get your ex back, if not move on and find someone else.

So you have made the decision you want to get your ex back, now is the time for action, but you have to be subtle. Here is where I tell you what NOT to do. No amount of begging, pleading and crying is going to get them to want you back. If anything, this behavior will push them further away. Do not spend time verbally trying to convince your ex you can be good together. This will only make you appear pathetic and desperate. Your ex must realize, with your clandestine assistance ofcourse, that you are someone they want to be with. So now lets work on how to get your ex back.

Follow These Steps On How To Get Your Ex Back And Regain Their Love

Getting your ex back may not be easy. It will require a strong determination on your part to do the things that you need to do. In order to help your ex see that they still want to be with you, they have to still see you. Keep yourself in their line of sight. Frequent the same places that your ex goes. Be sure they see you out and about, but make sure you appear to be enjoying life. When you see your ex, acknowledge them, but keep moving. Smile and say “Hi”, but do not try to have a conversation. Behave as though your ex is no one important. After the Hi, ignore them! Turn your back on your ex and pretend that they are not there. This is a reaction that they will not be expecting. Human nature is such that we always want what we cannot have. Show your ex that you are worth having but they cannot have you again. Let them know that you are not hurting and are actually enjoying life without them. Make them think ‘wait a minute, they don’t care’. As soon as the ex believes you do not care, you are in the running. Do not under any circumstances show that you still care. Show your ex that this is their loss. Play hard to get. Be the person that they think they cannot have and then they will want you. After all, that is human nature; we want what we cannot have. Just follow these simple steps on how to get your ex back and you will find your love again.

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