Everyone Needs Real Love

Posted on August 9th, 2009

Most people take part in the search for real love.  The desire to find your soul mate is a strong driving force behind a lot of actions.  However, I am forced by recents events to explore how much is love necessary.  Is love vital to a persons well being?  Can we as people navigate and survive in this world successfully without the benefit of love?  Thankfully, most of us will never know this world without knowing the feeling of love between two people.  But for a few it seems, who feel unloved what could it be like?

I am sure by now that most of you have heard about George Orsini.  Last week Mr. Orsini, dubbed “The Gym Killer”, entered an LA Fitness gym in Pennsylvania and opened fire on a class full of women.   He managed to kill three women and himself, as well as injuring nine others.  It has since emerged that he maintained a blog about himself and his intentions of commiting this act.  Many accounts of Mr. Orsini’s actions refer to his hatred of women.  In fact after reading his blog I think he loved women.  I think he was so lonely, due to his inability to find a woman, so desperate for intimacy that it had caused him great pain.

With so many men and women in this world in search of real love why can some find it and others cannot?  I think that the more we want love, is the more desperate we become to find it and the more elusive it becomes to us.  I have met many women over the years who reach this point of desperation and wear it on their arm like an arm band.  There actions become so deperate in nature that members of the opposite sex run from it.  They really need some love advice to help change their ways.

Could this have been the case for George Orsini?  Having read his blog, it seems likely to me.  At one point in his blog he refers to an incident where at a barbeque a woman he has just met asks him if he liked school or was he picked on at school.  It seems he was wearing his arm band.  His desperation was apparent and apparently caused people to be put off by him.  I think he could have done well with some relationship advice.

We should let the story of George Orsini, the Gym Killer, be a lesson to us all.  I think in order to find real love and happiness with another person, we must first love ourselves and find happiness within.  Only then can another person enter our lives easily.  It makes no sense to need someone, you must want to want them.

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