Teenage Dating Tips

Teenage Dating Tips For Beginners.

 Dating for the mature adult can be quite harrowing, but dating during teenage years can be both exhilarating and terrifying.  .  This is a time in which social skill are developed, boundaries are explored and confidence is built. This is a time that will have a great impact on the character of the young adult who will emerge on the other side.  Many lessons are learned, compromise and communication to name a couple, as well as many lessons about your selves.  You learn what kind of partners you’re interested in, how to assert yourself, how to fight, and how to make up.

 For those new to the dating world it can seem an overwhelming experience.  So for you I came up with a few of the most important teenage dating tips that should help keep you heading in the right direction.

 Respect parents, both yours and your dates.  This is one of the most important teenage dating tips I can share with you.  As young adults your parents still have a tremendous amount of influence over your lives.  Ultimately, they are still responsible for you and your safe keeping.  Be considerate of their wishes, respect curfews and always show respect and manners.  It is vital that you show your parents that you can be trusted.  As a dating teenager this is the only way to get the freedom you want.  

 Never allow yourself to feel pressured.  Peer pressure can be a ruthless experience if you let it.  Know yourself, and only participate in activities that you are comfortable with.  Remember that at the end of the day you will have to face the music for your own actions.

 Please do not participate in alcohol and illegal drugs.  Both of these can have an adverse long-term effect on you.  But in the short term, they can leave you susceptible to negative events.  Placing yourself at a disadvantage is not the way to start you adult life.

 Finally I touch on the subject of sexual intercourse.  For many young adults this is something that has been anticipated for a while.  But with it comes an awesome responsibility.  If you do not feel ready to participate, please do not allow someone to convince you otherwise.  This is a direct display of immaturity.  If you do decide to have intercourse, please be mature and protect yourself.

 Sexual intercourse poses many threats to both males and females.  Unwanted pregnancies are a sad occasion and can be quite traumatic to both families concerned.  Sexually transmitted diseases can be life altering, and affects both males and females.  The majority of sexually transmitted diseases remain unseen by the naked eye.  Taking precautions against both of these is the mature way to go.  Abstinence is the only way to be sure, but if you do decide you want to have sex, at the very least protect yourself by using condoms. 

 The very best teenage dating tips I can give you is, if unsure or troubled about something, talk to your parents.  If you approach them in a mature manner, this should not be a problem.  Discuss your ideas or fears with them as openly and honestly as possible.  They will only respect you for your maturity. 

 But don’t forget one of the most important teenage dating tips of all: HAVE FUN.  This is an amazing time in your life…explore, enjoy and be safe!