First Date Tips

First Date Tips That Are Unique!

It’s time to lay the words “Dinner and a movie” to rest.  There’s nothing wrong with a classic date, but if you really want to stand out in the dating game you’re going to have to start getting creative.  Here are 4 unique first date tips to get you started!

1) Relive your childhood.  Start out with a picnic with a packed lunch – something like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and individual cartons of milk – in a local park, then take your date to all the locations that remind you most of your younger years.  Visit the zoo, wander the aisles of a toy store, or visit your favorite ice cream parlor or candy shop.  Climb trees.  Extra points if you’re willing to dress up in clothes that resemble your favorite childhood outfit!  This can make your first date fun and memorable.

2) Get your adrenaline pumping.  Studies show that humans have a tendency to form strong attachments to people they face adrenaline-heavy situations with.  A harrowing, death-defying experience doesn’t have to be a part of the plans, but a date that gets your heart rate up might make you even more attractive to the person you’re interested in.  Take your date rock climbing (even if it’s indoors!), paintballing, or go-karting.  Play laser tag, take a trip in a hot air balloon or a helicopter, or learn how to scuba dive.

3) Be a tourist.  Rent bikes or a scooter and spend an afternoon being tourists in your own town.  See the important sites, visit neighborhoods you’ve never explored before, try a new restaurant, and unearth the hidden secrets of your city.  Take a walking tour, visit a museum, or check out the unusual, quirky parts of the city’s history.  Not only will you get to spend time with your date, you’ll discover things about your city that you never knew and have a great first date.

4) Take the Sound of Music approach.  Your date’s list of favorite things might not include raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but Maria was definitely on to something!  Listen closely when you meet someone for the first time, and start keeping a mental list of the things they say they like.  If you can surprise them with a date that truly caters to their interests, you’ll be light years ahead of the competition.

All it takes to produce a truly memorable first date is a little ingenuity and a willingness to experiment, so get the creative juices flowing!  Visit us here for more dating tips.  All of these first date tips will show your date your interesting and a little different from the norm.  You will score high points for ingenuity.