Dating Advice

The Dating Tango, dancing and dating advice for daters

I view dating as being similar to a popular dance, and dispense dating advice with this principle in mind.  Everybody knows the moves and can do the steps.  However, when dating, some people are more leaders than followers and others more followers than leaders.  The difference in dating is that sometimes one has to lead and other times follow.  Any good dating advice will allow that the roles can and should be interchangeable.

Dating advice rules

There is a certain element of challenge that people, especially men, like to feel when they meet someone new.  Therefore, neither party should be readily available to the other at all times.  It is good to show your new interest that you have a life.  This dating advice applies to both males and females.  It is a well-know point that we always want what we cannot have.  This is not to say that you should make a relationship impossible, but you can and should make it a little work. 

Initially, do not always answer the phone.  If you miss a call wait at least a couple of hours to return it, and please do not make the call several times a day.  Do not always be available for dates.  My dating advice with accepting dates is that if you are asked three days or more in advance then you can be available.  Less than three days and you should already have plans.

We all know that men like to feel like the man, and women like to feel like women, but this does not mean that women should never take the lead.  They should just not take it too soon.  My dating advice is that after a while, if a woman wants to make some plans for an evening out that can be a good thing.  We should not expect the man to make all the effort.  It is okay to tell a man there is a new restaurant you would like to try, or a new movie out that you would like to see and offer it up as your treat.  But be warned, if you offer it up as your treat he may or may not accept that and you should be willing to pay if need be.

If there is a piece of dating advice that everyone has probably heard before, but certainly bares repeating, it is DO NOT sleep with someone on the first date.  This will usually result in the end of the potential relationship before it has even started.  I recommend a minimum of three dates before intimacy.  If your mom served up dessert first would you eat your dinner?  Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?  There are a ton of metaphors that can be applied to this but the bottom line is the same.  When physical intimacy occurs too soon the challenge has been removed and for many men there is no reason to continue. 

Dating advice for dancing the tango

My final piece of dating advice is that typically men and women are more often than not looking for two different things when they first meet.  To make this point I need to stereotype a little but women are looking for someone to fill an emotional desire and men are looking for someone to satisfy a physical need.  It is dancing the tango that will get you both into the same way of thinking.  If you dance it well you will both fill emotional and physical needs for each other. Read on for some dating tips  and more dating advice.