Dating Tips

"Dating Tips For Young Couples"

Dating Tips 101.

For most people dating is not a simple thing to do.  In the beginning there is typically a lot of anticipation as well as anxiety about the possabilities.  On the one hand we are interested in the person we are about to date and feel a great anticipation about getting to know them.  On the other hand we want to appear favorably to them so we experience anxiety, as we would like to make a positive impression.  Here i suggest some dating viable tips to make the most out your dates.

Dating Tips For The New Daters

During the initial stages of dating there are many things that could go wrong.   As the two of you are unfamiliar with each other all conversations and actions are open to misinterpretations.  So read on for some common sense dating tips that can only help.

1. When we first meet a person appearance is everything.  Think about it!  Why else would you be attracted to someone you have never had a serious conversation with. The initial attraction can only be about the way a person physically appeals to you.  The same goes for your date, so always try to look your best.

2. Please relax and enjoy yourself.  If you allow the anxiety hand to play too strong your date may think you are too stiff.  Try to remember you are both in the same boat, and just getting to know each other.  If either one of you decide that the other is not “The One”, the world will not end. If you follow these particular dating tips you should atleast have fun.

3. Focus on your date.  Listen to what they say and share your own thoughts.  This is an important dating tips and the only way for two people to get to know each other.

4. Try to think of your date as a potential future “friend”.  This saves us from developing high expectations and avoid disappointment.

5. Always be yourself.  Many people try to be what they think the other person wants them to be and this can only lead to disappointment.  It is impossible to maintain a façade for any real length of time and eventually the real you must come out.  At this point you have both invested in a relationship with someone who does not exist.  Your date must like you for who you are.

6.  Honesty really is the best policy.  This is one of my biggest dating tips.  Never lie, the truth will come out and you will risk losing out on a relationship that could have been because you got caught in a lie.  It is not worth it.  If a topic comes up that you would rather leave for another time, tell your date exactly that.  It will only serve to highten the curiosity and leave them wanting to know more.

Dating Tips To Keep in Mind.

These are my absolute basic dating tips for anyone who is dating.  There is more of a sport to the dating game but I will go into that with a future dating post. So if your in the dating game heed these dating tips and stay tuned. If you are past dating and don’t need dating tips but would like some relationship advice please visit me here.