3 Dating Tips For Women That You Didn’t Learn On “Sex And The City”

Posted on January 18th, 2010

Search the Internet for “dating tips for men” and you’ll find thousands of sites claiming to change your life…but what about dating tips for women?  Most relationship experts seem to think that women are only interested in learning how to keep a man, not how to date a man successfully.  Dating is an equally important topic, so here are 3 Dating Tips for Women That You Didn’t Learn on “Sex and the City”…

1) If you set your expectations low, he’ll meet them.  If your expectations are high, he’ll meet those instead.  Humans are built to fulfill intentions and expectations.  That means that you cannot afford to overlook rude comments or behavior that is inappropriate or disappointing.  A person is only able to be as good as you expect him or her to be.  When you set the bar high and assume that a man will reach it, he will.

2) You are not auditioning.  If this were the 1950s, a list of dating tips for women would probably include things like “Press his trousers each morning!” and “Be sure that dinner is waiting on the table every evening when he comes home from work!”  But this is the 21st century, and dating tips for women have changed dramatically. It is not your job to try to impress him at all times, and independence is one of the sexiest traits a woman can have.  Don’t rearrange your schedule for him and stop catering to his every whim. Always maintain a life outside of your relationship – the better that life is, the more he will want to be a part of it. 

3) Women are not attracted to money; they’re attracted to what money symbolizes.  On the surface, being wealthy just means having a lot of money.  But women are incredibly intuitive – they understand that being wealthy actually represents a whole lot more.  A wealthy man most likely holds a powerful position professionally, and a man who holds a powerful position professionally is generally a leader of some kind.  A leader, by definition, has followers.  If people are following someone, they do so because they gain value from being around that person and, consequently, are happier.  A man with the ability to make those around him feel happier and more valuable is irresistibly attractive.

Approach relationships with these dating tips for women, and your romantic life will improve drastically!

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  1. Sonia

    Great advice! Too many women tend to cater to men and find themselves in a complacent relationship.

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