3 Dating Tips For Men That Your Mother Never Told You!

Posted on January 21st, 2010

Every woman is a wealth of dating tips for men. 

Are they well-intentioned?  Yes.  

Are they useful?  Not always.

“Wear clean underwear,” “Shower before your date,” and “Don’t spend the entire dinner holding a conversation with her cleavage” are solid dating tips for men, but the women in your life often leave out important advice.  Unfortunately, most women have a limited understanding of how female attraction works – they experience it, but they don’t analyze it.  Here are 3 dating tips for men that your mother never told you:

1) There’s no such thing as the Three Day Rule.  There is absolutely no reason to wait three days before calling, emailing, or texting a girl you’re interested in.  The infamous Three Day Rule was created with the sole intention of eliminating neediness, because neediness is one of the biggest attraction killers for women.  Calling a woman the day after you meet her and telling her that you’ve cancelled all your plans for that night so you can see her sounds desperate, but calling her the day after you meet her and telling her that you and your friends are going to see a cool new band play at a local bar, and she’s welcome to join if she’d like, does not.  Though this is one of the most prevalent dating tips for men in existence, it’s completely wrong.

2) Play the male gender role to attract women who are playing the female gender role.  Traditionally, the man must be the provider-protector while the woman fulfills the role of nurturer.  Society has changed these roles a little – men must now be social providers, while women must be empathizers (people who feel what other people feel) – but gender roles are no less important.  Be dominant without being domineering to increase attraction in women.

3) You should never “get lucky.”  So many of the phrases we use to describe dating and relationships – from “getting lucky” to “falling in love” – imply that the occurrence was an accident.  A man who is truly great with women, however, knows that he is in complete control over his success.  You are responsible for everything, good and bad, that happens to you, so actively create situations in which good things occur – don’t wait for them to find you.

Arm yourself with these lesser-known dating tips for men, and you will transform your dating life dramatically!

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